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DreamMaster is friendly, intuitive, and fun to use. Based on the new wave of frontend frameworks DreamMaster literally revolutionize UI design.
Design Without Borders


Free software
Free hosting
Build reliable and scalable websites and webapps using our software for FREEZero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, your own domain name & no ads! is provided by our partners.
1 Year free software
Largest hosting companies
We are affiliated with the largest and best hosting companies in the world. Use our affiliate code and for each new signup you will get 1 year Free license to develop and maintain one website.
Host anywhere, use any web space
Casual users, Enthusiasts
- personal licence -
Install the software on all your devices. Give your license to all your friends, team up with them to develop your personal websites, blogs, vlogs etc...
Domains - number of domains for that you can develop one or more websites
Active - number of domains where you can have websites under development or maintenance
Freelancers and Web Design Agencies
- commercial licence -
Install the software on unlimited number of devices. Develop unlimited number of websites. 
Domains - number of domains for that you can develop one or more websites
Active - number of domains where you can have websites under development or maintenance
Web Hosting Companies
DreamMaster helps you to promote better your business and add more value to your services.
  • If you have great hosting services,  competitive prices and you want to promote with us your products then the "Partner" program can be for you. Your products and services will be listed on the top of our hosting offers.
  • Do you have an excellent affiliate program and you have great services and products? Contact us to list your services on the list of our hosting providers.
  • "White label" - Do you want to publish and promote your services under your own brand? We can clone our app for you and let you to advertise the app on google play and on any other media (the sale of app is forbidden).
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is DreamMaster and who is it for?
    DreamMaster is the most complete tool for non-techies, web designers and front-end developers, the software uses the new wave of web technologies leaving behind old solutions based on Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Skeleton etc ... Whether you are a beginner or a professional, DreamMaster lets you use the power of a new JS Frameworks and simplify the complexity of modern UI design.

  • What’s the difference between paid and free license?
    From the point of view of the website developer there is no difference. The license only gives you the right to host the site wherever you want. If you decide to host your site with a partner of ours then you do not need to buy any license

  • Can I upgrade a license after I have already purchased one?
    Sure, you can upgrade at any time. We will credit you for the current billing cycle and starting with the next cycle you will need cancel the current license and acquire the new one - Free upgrade until the next billing cycle.

  • What happens if I don’t renew my license?
    Your existing project will remain intact. The only difference is updates which require renewal. You will no longer be able to post updates to current projects using DreamMaster.

  • What happens when a new version is released?
    We will notify you when a new version is released. All upgrades are free no matter the license type.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
    You can use Google Pay if you have downloaded the mobile app, PayPal or any credit card.

  • I already have a web hosting service. Can I still use DreamMaster?
    Definitely. You can choose the web hosting service you prefer. The sites you create with DreamMaster are compatible with Windows, Unix, and Linux servers, just find the license that suits you.

  • Can I add/remove domains from my license?
    Yes, if you have a commercial license you can remove old domains/websites that you no longer develop or mantain. Once the domain has been deleted it can no longer be used in the current license.

  • Do you offer a Demo version?
    We don’t offer a demo version of DreamMaster for trial. The free app is fully featured and the license only allow you publish and host the websites anywhere. There is no other functional difference. You can use the free app for as long as you wish but your website must be hosted (free or paid) by one of our partners.

  • How can I get started with DreamMaster?
    To get started, please first download and install the software. Once you have done this, you can start by watching these tutorials and trying to understand the development environment and process. A complete manual is also available online. It includes examples via codepen and detailed specifications on how to use the components

  • Where can I report a bug or submit a feature request?
    To request new features or report bugs you must be a registered member. Please log in first and use the menu displayed on the right hand side of the page.

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